Young at Heart

The weekend is always an opportunity to wear kooky clothes just for fun! I was inspired by the latest must see YouTube clip, promoting the ‘BURNING MAN’ festival in Nevada, USA and a ‘dare to wear’ conversation with my Parisian Chic friend. She urged me to ‘break out’ on weekends from the ‘age appropriate’ mindset and wear anything… because you can. So I let loose! Ye Ha!! Now, why not you? Go on…give it a go… step away from your usual-look mould. People may look and stare but that’s great – you’ll be high on life! 


As if this candy pink, sass & bide top – a Chrissy present, wasn’t bright enough…. I added under layers of an orange bandeau and my very handy, lime Bonds singlet. Like it or not, age appropriate or not – it’s the weekend, so anything goes!! The pompom deco is a Bali phone pouch and my old ripped, over-sized Guess shorts complete the look. Tip… Washed out or faded denim always works with any loud, dressy or sequined top. It doesn’t steal the show and allows the top to shine. 

These tan, open lace-up Wittner Brogues, blend in with the outfit rather than compete. Brogues are man-style, can be worn with almost anything and also look great with ankle socks or tights. 

Sue (pictured in my styling room), has 2 teenage boys and is a working mum. She loves coming to Perth from the country and regularly books a styling session with me. Over time, she has become more and more confident with her dressing and after reading my blog, wanted some colour fun! She looked fab in these sass & bide green jeans, Basque blue singlet and zebra belt. She also bought the Pilgrim, blue tassled top I featured last week (to go over this singlet). It’s not pictured here because it’s for a very special party and needs to be kept a secret! Sue was so happy with her new green jeans, she left Myer wearing them!

Here’s the little book that so many of you have asked me about. A great gift and easy read. It’s full of everyday fashion tips, as well as a wonderful guide to cafes, shops and sights in Paris.

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