Workshop Style


WA Designer Natalie Rolt shared her fashion story and a champers with us on Thursday night at the first in our 2016 Style Series Workshops at Atlas Pearls and Perfumes on Bayview Terrace in Claremont.

Nat released her new Gala Gown and “Ready-To-Wear” pieces and there were gasps from guests when her stunning UnModels (her besties) came out!

All outfits were paired with pearls from Atlas Pearls and Perfumes and guests were invited to shop the collections afterwards!

My stunning silk Caramel Palazzo Cullottes are part of Nats new RTW range and all pieces seen are available instore now at Nat Rolt’s Studio!! My pearls are the Atlas Surfed Collection.


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  1. you always look stunning hun!
    love m:)X

  2. Lisa Ruggiero says:

    Andrea – where is your white shirt from ?

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