Why Not!

Whether it be bold leopard splots or zany zebra stripes, why not give animal prints and red lippy a go. It feels so luxurious wearing faux animale in winter!!

This black silhouette is a simple winter base. Boots, pontes and longline, asymmetric Bardot singlet (from the Miss Shop) are a quick easy fix. Then the cropped, vintage bomber by Harry Watt (from dynamic 70’s designers, George Gross and Harry Who), adds warmth and luxe. Leather gloves, satchel and neck armour add individuality and detail.

I found this cross-stitched leather satchel, in pristine condition at Vinnies. Friendly $10 pricetag too! Its dual black, brown tonings are perfect for winter days. The practical knee-hi work boots have rubber soles for comfort walking.

Slouch out! Home from a busy, blustery day? Ready to unwind and pull on a tracky? Bonds have a fabulous new ‘comfort’ range available at Myer. These sherbet, lime tracky dax (above) also come in orange or green and are perfect for lazing on the couch or nipping to the shops. 

Slouchy hoodies. striped sweats in bold brights make a cheery change from dreary grey or black trackies. Pop into Myer and pick up some colour-pop comfort wear by Bonds. You wont want to take them off!!

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aa xx 

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