Trendy Birds at The Avery

Cat from sass & bide organised drinks at The Avery, a hip new rooftop bar in Perth. I wore my fuschia sass & bide stretch jeans. They’re designed to be worn skin tight, but that look only works well on young girls. So, I went for a bigger size. Now they fit like 7/8s capri pants – more age appropriate! The “Staple” drapey shirt from Myer covers the butt and floats as you walk which is always a good disguise. Pony hair is a big trend for all accessories. This Cue zebra stripe, pony hair belt attracts the eye, as the pattern gives good contrast to the plain pants and top. 

Cat’s ripped and torn sass & bide boyfriend jeans shout out, ATTITUDE! They totally contradict her sleek sequin black jacket. Love it!

Sarah’s mid-wash sass & bide cigarette leg, stretch jeans look fab with her nude sequin top. Her dressed-up, dress-down look is a winner!

We all ooh’d and aah’d over this slouchy, pony-hair, Zebra stripe bag. Jess from sass & bide bought it on the streets of Bali. Fab find!

This magical Christian eyebrow compact is a clever little number. It contains 3 eyebrow shape stencils and dusting powder. Simply choose the shape that best fits over your brow and “colour-in” with charcoal powder, to naturally enhance fading or thinning brows. 

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