Time to Shine

A quick breath of fresh air and a Bocellis coffee helped smooth over last minute parade preparations. There’s always minor hiccups….a shirt ripped right down the front and shoes one size too small. No probs, all part of the challenge!

I’m wearing layers of black with a military sass & bide jacket. Black, cement and gold being my trio of colours. Red lips to add pop.

Group hug! Mothers’ Day show’s about to begin and the UnModels are very excited. No divas, no hair and make-up, no props…just fabulous Myer staff and a high energy vibe! (L-R) Olga, Teresa, aa xx, Ben, Nicole and Kelly. Each model showcased two outfits on the red carpet. It’s all about real people, hamming it up, wearing everyday clothes…. and a few WOW outfits for fun!

Wow outfit!! There were oohs and ahhs over this simple, yet stunning Yeojin Bae little red dress and Kate Sylvester trench. Nude peep toes elongate the leg. Teresa was a knockout! Gotta love a peplum!

Nicole in Wish, faux fur and terracotta Sass skirt… L.A. boho style. Kelly in Manning Cartell ‘Movie Star’ purple pants and matching shirt to create a jumpsuit look. Neon, lime jumper by Cooper St and Wayne leopard clutch. Ben modelling Myer exclusive, Blaq Premium. Jacket, striped tee and muddy chinos. Hot!!

Kelly (L) looking stylish in a ‘Fate’ LBD and Miss Shop shrug. The Kenji neon bow belt cinches in and highlights the waist. Teresa (R) in black Kate Sylvester and Stella metallic gold crop top. Olga in Design Studio leopard pashmina and orange pop gloves.

Harrison (L) in street wear. Mustard Ziggy chinos, Stussy zippered hoodie, burgundy jumper and collared Kenji shirt. Harrison (R) in preppy Peter Werth, silver sportsjacket, Blaq Premium burgundy chinos and Tommy Hilfiger jumper. We heart Harrison xx

Nicole (L) in floppy felt hat, leopard booties, oversized Wish faux fur vest and drapy shirt. Nicole (R) in stunning Manning Cartell fuschia shift dress with tail. It wafted along behind her. Design Studio shrug, slung low to add luxe.

UnModels….you really did shine!!

P.S. News News News….If you missed out on the parade above, but would like to be part of another Myer Mothers’ Day event, you’re in luck! On Friday, May 11th, at 9:30am I will be hosting a Charlie Brown VIP workshop. Love you to pop by and join in the fun.

aa xx

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