That’s The Way I Like It…

A 6am wakeup call for an early Myer crew brekky, meant dressing in a jiffy was essential this morning. My green silk pussy bow shirt and black vest was a quick’n easy outfit fix. It was going to be a very busy day….but that’s the way I like it!!

The Country Road jeggings are figure hugging. Not wanting to feel ‘too exposed’, at work, the long-line woollen vest is used as a butt disguise. Black DKNY pull-on brogues and Wayne bangles complete the look. I love to mix it up, re-work and re-wear my clothes, season after season. All of the clothes above, are two, three or more seasons old, but still going strong.

First up, Jodi or ‘Nigella’ as I affectionately call her, came in for her regular styling and personal shopping session. She needed a shirt and chinos for her special man and various items for herself. The dress above, a little Leona number, will brighten up her day at the office. An easy, no-iron, versatile dress. Doesn’t she wear it, oh so well!! Always a treat to have Jodi in-store at Myer.

Next, it was time to start preparing outfits for our workshop on the fashion floor. It’s on Friday, the 18th at 1pm. If you have a free half hour, do drop in and say hi. We will be showcasing Myer Exclusive Brands, such as Basque and Piper and as always, using fabulous Myer UnModels. Kelly above, is wearing a weekend outfit (L) and a ‘colour pop’ office outfit (R). Practical, inexpensive clothes that are currently on sale at Myer. 

My latest Myer blog-star is Katie. You’ll find her in Pilgrim in the Basement. I loved her slouchy, silver, one size fits all ‘bag’ top. This season’s ‘it’ item… anything metallic. Tip: Sequins and sparkle add luxe to your day….no need to save for night-time gala events!! Leggings, loafers and fuschia pink nails complete Katie’s look. Who says gold and silver dont mix???

PS Hope to see you….1pm Myer Perth City   aa xx

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