Nicole Hartog – This service has revolutionized the way I will shop from now on. Gone are the days of trying things on and getting completely depressed because I don’t look good… Then going home with nothing. Thank you so much!!!! You’re a superstar Andrea.

Jodie Peterkin – I’ve had the most amazing shopping experience ever! Andrea made me feel like a new woman. I have never before had so much fun shopping. Thank you Myer for making Andrea available to me.

Amy Zempilas – Andrea’s exceptional ability as a stylist, combined with her ‘nothing is too much trouble’ approach, always exceeds my expectations. I am a new mum and she pulled together some amazing and practical pieces for me that will work with nursing my 5 week old baby, while still feeling stylish.

Sue Bolt – Andrea helped me create a new image. The service, presentation and in depth knowledge Andrea shares regarding designer fashion is very informative. One feels very much at ease. Every fashion house should have an Andrea.

Sharon Morgan – Andrea is an absolute joy to shop with. Her quick understanding of my likes and dislikes and what suits me was fantastic. I’ll definitely be back!!

Richard Caldow – Outstanding service and product knowledge. It makes the whole experience enjoyable and efficient. Will be recommending this service to many people.

Mellita Fernando – The outfits Andrea chose for me looked absolutely gorgeous. I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends and family.

Tanya Bracken – Both my daughter and I have had the wonderful experience of Andrea’s knowledge, fashion sense and professionalism, but most of all her ability to understand the needs of others on any level. I have recommended Andrea to many of my friends and will definitely be contacting Andrea for all of my future needs.

Rachael Borshoff – I cannot recommend this service highly enough. It was fabulous having someone with the stock knowledge to encourage me to try things I normally wouldn’t. I will continue to use this service as long as you offer it.

Daphne Purdy – My shopping experience was enjoyable and successful. Selections were made that I would never have made had I shopped on my own. I would definitely like to repeat the experience, especially at each change of season and special occasions.

Grant Kidner – The styling service was outstanding. Andrea makes it all so easy and pleasurable. I saved a lot of time.

Mia Harrison – My styling session was fantastic! Beyond all expectations. I felt so comfortable and very happy with my purchases. I will definitely be back and couldn’t recommend you highly enough.

June McKenzie – My styling sessions with Andrea are fantastic!! She has real flair for what she does and gets it right every time.

Natalie Speer – Andrea helped me find the perfect Melbourne Cup dress. I’m very happy. It’s an excellent service, I love her taste and will definitely return.

Sue Purdy-Tom – I spent a wonderful couple of hours with Andrea who I found to be very professional, friendly and helpful. I came away with many complete outfits whereas when I shop on my own, I get frustrated and maybe only find one or two items in the same time. I have already recommended your service to many family and friends.

Madeleine – Booking a styling session with Andrea was recommended to me and I’m so glad I did. I needed some guidance to mix and match and came home with an entire wardrobe that will last the season. I will definitely be returning for my winter wardrobe.

Susan Harrison – Andrea has a fantastic knowledge of style, labels and fashion. She not only provided myself and my daughter with the confidence to put fashion together, the session was presented in a non-threatening manner. It was a pleasure to buy!!

Noelene Paul – Andrea’s service has been wonderful. her style and sense of fashion is impeccable. Her help has been invaluable. I have recommended her service to friends and their feedback has also been great!

Sharlene Robinson – I had a great time. Andrea’s service should be paid for. I would happily pay for her advice on a regular basis.

Kelly Canfell – Andrea’s dedication, her passion and her professionalism are second to none. She has improved my wardrobe 100% and I’m leaving this experience a happier person! What an incredible afternoon. I’m so thankful to Andrea and her amazing vision.

Claire Caldow – Andrea was amazing! I came away with wonderful clothes I would normally not have chosen.

Christine Lewis – For someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping, doesn’t have the patience to sift through department store offerings and doesn’t have an eye for how to put together a coordinated outfit / wardrobe, Andrea’s styling service was invaluable.

Bernadette O’Sullivan – I normally hate shopping and I’m not very confident at choosing clothes that suit me. I felt comfortable with Andrea’s guidance and honesty. I felt I could trust her.

Katy Petrolo – Andrea’s styling session was the most pleasant and successful shopping experience I’ve ever had. Andrea was so knowledgeable, honest and bubbly. Her service was exceptional!

Lisa Nash – I was extremely impressed with Andrea’s knowledge of what would and wouldn’t suit me. I’m not a shopper. In fact I hate shopping but Andrea made it all so easy.

Julie Warburton – Andrea was a pleasure to work with – professional and warm and friendly. She gave me great feedback and advice. I would highly recommend her service.

Sally Grice – I spent two hours with Andrea and was able to choose 15 items of clothing. I find this type of shopping suits me. A totally positive experience. I have passed her details on the several friends.

Sharan Kraemer – What an experience! Andrea knows exactly what works and what matches. She helped me choose loads of lovely clothes. What a fabulous service! Thanks.

Debra Hodgson – I discovered Andrea a few years ago. I now have peace of mind knowing I will always leave the store purchasing exactly what I want.

Sherry Walker – The service was surprisingly very positive and comfortable. Andrea was warm and welcoming, listened carefully, was very creative and extremely competent. I have already recommended Andrea to others.

Leanne Karamfiles – Andrea was absolutely brilliant! Not only did she “get me” and show me exactly what I wanted, she was so very honest. I can’t rate her highly enough. I will definitely be back.

Andrea Wilmot – Shopping with Andrea is a very pleasant, organised and most of all, successful experience. She has the uncanny ability to remember all the clothes I’ve purchased previously and can recommend what I should wear with them. I now do a couple of big shops with Andrea rather than buying pieces here and there that never end up matching.

Amanda Sgambelloni – I dislike clothes shopping and I get frustrated looking through the racks. Andrea has changed all that. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven! I’m telling everyone I can about this wonderful service – perfect for the busy professional.

Sheila Lamont – I work full time and I’m heavily involved with my children. I rarely get time to shop. A well spent two hours with Andrea released a great deal of stress. It’s my ideal way to shop. Everything in one go. Functional and comfy, just as I requested. Thank you.

Ruth Poultney – Finding outfits on my own is overwhelming. However, with Andrea’s professional input, I was able to quickly find garments that suited me. My husband really enjoyed the experience too as he was able to view and be involved in comfort.

Sharon Goddard – Andrea was very honest when asked for her opinion. She helped me with my choice of outfits and made some wonderful suggestions on how to mix and match. I will certainly be using her service again.

Deborah Metcalf – Andrea was fantastic. She found so many dresses for my figure type and colour preferences. She knew exactly what to look for. Please keep this service going.

Nedda Farzad– I love the way Andrea picks outfits that bring out my personality. I will recommend this service to all my friends and family.