Shorts Affair

After yesterday’s casual shorts affair, the big challenge today was to wear ‘appropriate’ shorts to work. These long fitted (walk) shorts are dark and dressy but very figure hugging! The long drapey vest was chosen for two reasons. Firstly as a master disguise for backbumps and hiplumps and secondly to add lengthy, layering … [Read more...]

Sunday Stripes & Shorty Shorts

Found myself at a tranquil, lakeside, garden nursery and cafe for a big Sunday brekky and family time. We all love shorts and if you are under 25, or a size 6/8 model shape then shorts are a breeze….. but for the rest of us…. they can be very tricky to wear!! Don’t give up - persevere. Go for a bigger size and drop shorts down to … [Read more...]

A Carefree Gypsy Kinda Day

It’s true that clothes can affect your mood. This carefree outfit made me feel upbeat and happy all day. The terracotta ‘gypsy’ skirt is made by sass & bide. It’s actually designed to be a jacket, but with a bit of playing it doubles as a skirt. It’s a silk/cotton mix and a bit too see thru, so the Arabella Ramsay … [Read more...]

Kooky PomPoms

As I am still on hols I decided to pop into surprise my husband at his office! Even though it’s a lovely, light, modern place… its not for me! I dont fit into the confines of an office and always make my visits short and sweet. I wore my customised, silk drapey pants. I’ve cut the 10cm zips off the bottom and threaded black ribbon … [Read more...]

Pop on a Sunfrock!

Summer days are fun and carefree so this little black sass & bide sunfrock comes out season after season. I adore the scalloped edging and have added a kooky shock of fluoro underneath… just for fun! Note the handmade, quirky, tassled, mobile phone holder I picked up in Bali.  I decided my sunfrock was too short these days because I was … [Read more...]

"All in a days work" Fave sass & bide capri jeans, Gorman dove suede mid-heel loafers, vintage gold cardi chambray jacket & belt, Ruby Rose singlet, KarenWalker shades … [Read more...]