Bali…The Places You’ll Go!

Eat at Sardine Bali

Bali... tropical, balmy and dreamy! Bali... a place to relax, unwind and chill! After 30 years of travelling to Bali, this trip was a 'first' during the Wet/Rainy season. Luckily, it was sunshine everyday and simply glorious, so don't avoid Bali during the Rainy season! Below, an updated list of AndAndrea MUST DO fave places and top tips. … [Read more...]

Bali… For Foodies

The food in Bali is sensational! Yum, Yum, Yum!! From my fave English High-Tea at Biku, with owner Asri (above), to… traditional Suckling Pig, at a little cafe near our hotel, in Dyana Pura. There truly is something for EVERYONE!! Use this post as a foodie guide and think of me when you visit these tried and tested AndAndrea … [Read more...]

A Magical Bali Day

Let’s share a typical day of Bali magic… from sunrise to sunset! Rise and shine. It’s beach time! On the way to the beach, take time to stop and appreciate the beauty of Bali. A tradition! A new day begins with an early, 8km beach walk, EVERY, single, day! Time to relish the new day. Tip: If you take old walking shoes, you can … [Read more...]