Stop and Stare

An ALL black outfit, is rare for me these days…but sometimes I’m in a screaming hurry and it’s a quick fix when dressing in a jiffy! Spot the geek! Oversized glasses are a FUN face statement. Spied these on the streets in Bali and had prescription lenses put in. This A-Line Nicola Finetti jacket is versatile. It doubles as a … [Read more...]

A Dress Over a Skirt!?!

A capelet or shrug is a good way to add a little extra cover. As the mornings are getting cooler, the Pilgrim shrug (above) from the Myer Basement, adds interest to an outfit, as well as giving that bit more coverage over the shoulders. A lot of dresses are just far too short for many of us to wear!! This camilla & marc dress, from two seasons … [Read more...]