Sunshine and Sparkles

It was sunshine and sparkles all round today! Lovelies, Miss Suzi and Miss Amy, popped thru for a ‘Bocellis’ visit and sprinkled their magic happy dust around. I must have had a premonition, as I wore my sparkly vest! Always a sucker for harem or dropped crotch pants, I pull them on at every opportunity. They work best slung low on … [Read more...]

Stop and Stare

An ALL black outfit, is rare for me these days…but sometimes I’m in a screaming hurry and it’s a quick fix when dressing in a jiffy! Spot the geek! Oversized glasses are a FUN face statement. Spied these on the streets in Bali and had prescription lenses put in. This A-Line Nicola Finetti jacket is versatile. It doubles as a … [Read more...]


Combine scaly sequins, soft knotted tulle, polished patent and velvety suede to create an outfit with textural interest. The tulle scarf is slung over my shoulders. Polished yellow gold nails, by O.P.I. As you can see, Forrest Chase is having… a makeover!! A tiny touch of sequins attracts the eye and ‘lifts’ an ordinary black … [Read more...]

Sour Stripes

Sour lime and bold stripes shout out ‘Look at me’. You cant miss these neon pants!! This upbeat outfit was just the answer for a dull winter’s day. Pattern mixing with Miss Shop leopard loafers and an over-sized sass & bide striped silk top, is a fun way to clash prints and patterns. Tip: Neons and bold brights, such as … [Read more...]

Licorice Allsorts

Girltime catch-up with special friends is always an exciting fashion feast!! We explored East Perth and ended up on the waterfront for a cafestyle brekky. I wore my ‘Licorice Allsorts’ outfit. The simple, easy wear Shakuhachi citrus silk tunic is sheer and needed a slip underneath. My black slip worked ok, but I wanted COLOUR. … [Read more...]

A Carefree Gypsy Kinda Day

It’s true that clothes can affect your mood. This carefree outfit made me feel upbeat and happy all day. The terracotta ‘gypsy’ skirt is made by sass & bide. It’s actually designed to be a jacket, but with a bit of playing it doubles as a skirt. It’s a silk/cotton mix and a bit too see thru, so the Arabella Ramsay … [Read more...]