Snap Snap!

The Mid-Season Myer sale began today. It’s BARGAIN city at the moment! So, it was an early start for me, in preparation for a frantic day. Quick ‘n easy, snappy dressing required.  Snap, snap! Fuschia sass & bide skinnies, Manning Cartell racer, peek-a-boo orange bandeau, white NF blazer, Dangerfield leather bag and Cue zebra belt. … [Read more...]

Gift of Love

Giving time is a true gift of love. When it comes to special occasion days, I’ve always cherished handmade cards and tried to teach my children simple, thoughtful gifts are by far the best. On Mother’s Day, last Sunday, Son No. 1 gave me such a beautiful gift …it made my heart sing! Firstly, he gave my blog a surprise, … [Read more...]

Snatch ‘n Grab Dressing

Juggling work-life and family-life can be challenging!! Some mornings are more chaotic than others. Snatch ‘n grab dressing on the crazy mornings, means versatile wardrobe staples are essential for survival. A good, tailored blazer and reliable jeans, are my ‘friends’ when the clock is ticking and I need to get out the door … [Read more...]


Kaftans were traditionally ‘holiday wear’. Now, they’re street wear as well. Knowing kaftans are hot items at Myer, I thought it was time to give one a go!! Wayne is the ‘Kaftan King’. His loose fitting, loud patterned kaftans have proven to be a hit. The sheer, silk, Wayne Cooper number above, is two toned, white and … [Read more...]