Stop and Stare

An ALL black outfit, is rare for me these days…but sometimes I’m in a screaming hurry and it’s a quick fix when dressing in a jiffy! Spot the geek! Oversized glasses are a FUN face statement. Spied these on the streets in Bali and had prescription lenses put in. This A-Line Nicola Finetti jacket is versatile. It doubles as a … [Read more...]

Seeing Red

Printed shirts and pants are trending right now! Lairy, bold or flashy. Basically, any clothes with attitude. Tip: MUST be worn with confidence and a smile! Yeah!! Op shops are bursting with prints and patterns. It’s a sift and sort process tho, as many are ghastly! I stick to a silk or linen rule. This pure silk, printed shirt was a real … [Read more...]

No Rules!

There are no rules when it comes to dressing! So, stretch the boundaries, clash colours, mix patterns, stand out from the crowd and have some fashion fun. This ‘loud’ jumper shouted out at me from the racks at Vinnies. It’s a true Scottish treasure and is made by ‘Lyle & Scott’. This brand has a 130 year … [Read more...]

Sour Stripes

Sour lime and bold stripes shout out ‘Look at me’. You cant miss these neon pants!! This upbeat outfit was just the answer for a dull winter’s day. Pattern mixing with Miss Shop leopard loafers and an over-sized sass & bide striped silk top, is a fun way to clash prints and patterns. Tip: Neons and bold brights, such as … [Read more...]

Snap Snap!

The Mid-Season Myer sale began today. It’s BARGAIN city at the moment! So, it was an early start for me, in preparation for a frantic day. Quick ‘n easy, snappy dressing required.  Snap, snap! Fuschia sass & bide skinnies, Manning Cartell racer, peek-a-boo orange bandeau, white NF blazer, Dangerfield leather bag and Cue zebra belt. … [Read more...]

Purr….Pussy Bow

The Pussy Bow is back!! It’s sweet, feminine and versatile and adds a touch of ladylike to any blouse or dress. Mustard is the ‘IT’ colour of the season and my pussy bow blouse above, is a $7 Vinnies treasure! Gotta love a bargain!! To ‘edge’ it up, I’ve teamed it with Zara zippered, waxed jeans and Miss Shop … [Read more...]


Styling at Myer Perth city is a complimentary service!! It’s hard to believe there are no hidden catches….but it is actually free. It’s as simple as ringing Myer and booking a time, when you’re in need of some retail therapy. Debra above, does just that. She’s been a regular client of mine for three years. She books … [Read more...]

Chill Time

Chill time. Falcon Beach, Mandurah. Heavenly holidays, means a family Easter feast at Mandurah. A late beach stroll topped off a beautiful day. Finally, there’s a chill in the air. I pulled on my Jane Lamerton stretch ponti pants and Shakuhachi cotton singlet, as a black base. A black silhouette is a ‘no-brainer’. It works … [Read more...]

Street Strip

Mmmmn…early morning and it’s a bit chilly in Wolf Lane. Time to strip!! I hope no-one is looking! The hippi-style skirt comes off and converts into a jacket. A mirror would be handy. Wait a moment…. I’m nearly done!! Ready to go! Tip: Look for versatile clothes that can be worn several different ways. The attraction of … [Read more...]

Speed Dressing

Dressing in a jiffy is a breeze when you have a good pair of white linen shorts to rely on - they simply go with everything. A last minute decision to have a lazy Hillarys Marina brunch meant speed dressing was essential!   Baggy Country Road linen shorts above, are teamed with a Pilgrim lace singlet. The effect of the lace is lost with a black … [Read more...]