For those of you who know me well, you’ll know my middle name is… AndAndrea Joy! I really hope I’ve sprinkled some ‘Joy’ in your world throughout 2012. It’s Chrissy Hol time in AndAndreaLand, but I couldn’t see the year out without sharing one last little Christmas themed post… Being a huge Chrissy … [Read more...]

Shorts Affair

After yesterday’s casual shorts affair, the big challenge today was to wear ‘appropriate’ shorts to work. These long fitted (walk) shorts are dark and dressy but very figure hugging! The long drapey vest was chosen for two reasons. Firstly as a master disguise for backbumps and hiplumps and secondly to add lengthy, layering … [Read more...]

Summer Scarf Passion

Ever thought of keeping a soft, cotton voile, summer scarf in your handbag? They add groove and individuality to an otherwise plain outfit and have endless uses. As they’re lightweight, they can be tucked away into a side zipper pocket, for that ‘just incase moment’. Handy for added sun protection, fab for plane travel and perfect … [Read more...]