From The Beach To The Boudoir… Bali Shopping

Bali truly is a paradise for shoppers! This AndAndrea shopping guide will cover everything from beach hawkers, to Designer Clearance ‘Pop-Up’ stores, to a secret Salon stocking exclusive Red Carpet gowns. So, lets go shopping… It’s amazing what fabulous wares you’ll find being sold by the hawkers on the beach! From beautiful Lombok pearls … [Read more...]

Coffee Geek

Passionate about coffee? If you’re like me and only have one a day…then its gotta be really, Really, REALLY…. GOOD coffee! Coffee Geek, David above, originally from Korea, via Melbourne, takes his craft VERY seriously! He’s head Barista at my ‘local hang’ Boho Cafe, Scarborough Beach. David’s delight, … [Read more...]