Squeeze Me

The weather finally turned glum. Not to be deterred by grey clouds, I wore my neon citrus tunic, to spread a little sunshine and brighten up the day. In my ‘Liquorice Allsorts’ post, back in February, you saw my Shakuhachi summer tunic and pink slip, (bottom left). To ‘winterise’ it, and make it wearable all year round, … [Read more...]


Styling at Myer Perth city is a complimentary service!! It’s hard to believe there are no hidden catches….but it is actually free. It’s as simple as ringing Myer and booking a time, when you’re in need of some retail therapy. Debra above, does just that. She’s been a regular client of mine for three years. She books … [Read more...]

Chill Time

Chill time. Falcon Beach, Mandurah. Heavenly holidays, means a family Easter feast at Mandurah. A late beach stroll topped off a beautiful day. Finally, there’s a chill in the air. I pulled on my Jane Lamerton stretch ponti pants and Shakuhachi cotton singlet, as a black base. A black silhouette is a ‘no-brainer’. It works … [Read more...]

You’re invited…Day to Dinner Workshop

On Friday, March 16, at 1pm, there will be a day to dinner workshop. It will be held on the fashion floor at Myer Perth City. Exclusive brands such as Basque and Jane Lamerton will be showcased. I’ll be showing some simple tips & tricks that can change any outfit from day to night. Using gorgeous Myer UnModels (staff!!) I’ll be … [Read more...]

Double Double Styling

John (above) and his wife Dianna (below), had a dressy affair to attend. They tagged each other for a styling session. John came in first, then Di followed. John wanted a pure wool suit and after trying a few different cuts and brands, settled on this new, Dom Bagnato steel blue/grey suit. It’s a modern tapered fit. An edgy, spotty tie was … [Read more...]

That’s What Friends Are For….

For many people, its a big deal to pluck up the courage and come into Myer for a styling session. Trusting a stranger with your image is huge. I always love it when my clients bring a friend, partner or mum on their first visit. Today, Carol brought her special friend Amy along for moral support and we all had fun!! Carol wanted easy wear cafestyle … [Read more...]

Fancy Pants

During my styling sessions at Myer, clients often ask me about appropriate pant lengths. “It’s so confusing” they say. The clay coloured ‘ankle freezers’ (above) are an example of anything goes! These Manning Cartell, stretch skinnies are an unusual ‘no-mans land’ length. The trick is, there are no rules. … [Read more...]