It’s official! Electric blue & orange are both striking colours that work well together. In between the sunshine, clouds and rain, I managed a relaxing wander up to our local shops to pick up a few goodies. It’s hard to believe it’s so warm and I’m still in my ripped Guess shorts… I love to ‘dress … [Read more...]

Magical Mystery Tour

Ta da … on this magic Sunday morning, I’m in ‘fun’ mode and hamming it up on the Swan. It’s time to celebrate the moment, when your best school-friends get together and take you to a mystery destination for a birthday celebration. It’s a weird feeling when you think you’re ‘in control’ and then … [Read more...]

Sunday Stripes & Shorty Shorts

Found myself at a tranquil, lakeside, garden nursery and cafe for a big Sunday brekky and family time. We all love shorts and if you are under 25, or a size 6/8 model shape then shorts are a breeze….. but for the rest of us…. they can be very tricky to wear!! Don’t give up - persevere. Go for a bigger size and drop shorts down to … [Read more...]