Katherine Dunmill Neckliges

Katherine Dunmill is a talented WA designer who creates unique, statement accessories. Her handcrafted, versatile neckliges and cuffs complete any outfit.  Katherine kindly sent me this ruffled, ‘Love Me Or Fear Me’ leather collar. It’s baby soft and adds a feminine edge to this man-style outfit. Styled above with pieces … [Read more...]

Harry & Gretel Part 1… Let’s Dress Casual!!

Autumn/Winter clothing is arriving NOW! How exciting!! Time to take an AndAndrea visit to the ultimate fashion store on the High Street, in Leederville, Harry & Gretel. Harry & Gretel is a fabby, fashion store. It’s a one-stop shopping destination. Whether it be the latest must-haves, gift lines, fragrances or accessories, H&G … [Read more...]

‘Girls Night In’ for Breast Cancer

It takes a very special, warm and generous person to open their home to friends and strangers alike, all in the name of charity. Julie Ryan is that special person! Julie started holding annual, pink fundraiser morning tea parties for Breast Cancer seven years ago. They were always fab fun and not to be missed. So much so, the event has now … [Read more...]


It’s a ‘Flower Power’ Spring season and this vintage, ‘Brave’ by Wayne Cooper shirt, shouted out ‘Fun-Fun-Fun’ from the racks at Vinnies!! Wayne has recently re-invented his original label ‘Brave’, and it’s currently stocked at Myer. This shirt however is an oldy but goody. The faded, … [Read more...]

Oranges & Lemons

The citrus ZING continues…. with crazy polka dots! Amazing sunshine today, meant a summery outfit could once again be worn. This ‘Oranges and Lemons’ polished cotton, polka dot blazer is a Liz Davenport vintage. Its manesque shape and jumbo size, meant it needed ‘help’! Not to be deterred, I pulled out the over-sized … [Read more...]

Mix It Up

Some places draw you back like a magnet. This cafe above, has won me over, hook, line and sinker! Can you guess where I am….again? I mixed up the Ellery white tee and faded camilla & marc jeans (above), with various black and white plain and patterned accessories. Accessories individualize the outfit. It’s a simple easy trick. … [Read more...]

Black Silhouette

A black silhouette is a handy base for any outfit. It elongates the body and is kind to thighs and bulges. It also acts as a blank canvas. Any colourful outer garment can be easily layered on top. Recently, I used this black base on my ‘Chill Time’ post. I love to re-work an outfit to create a completely new look. To transform the look, … [Read more...]


Lovely lace is sweet and feminine. This ‘Lulu’ silk shirt was a special girlfriend gift. I adore a scalloped edge. It makes a beautiful feature, whether it be as a hemline, cuff or as above, near the neck. The shirt is extremely sheer, so I have added a lace cami underneath to create a ‘lace upon lace’ look. Overly … [Read more...]