Style Me Khaki

'Style Me Khaki' in Combat Wear, Camo Wear or anything muddy green! The sunshiny Autumn days of late, mean sass & bide army greens, shorts and ankle boots are still the go. An army jacket tied ‘hipster-style’ is handy, if the day cools. A camo hoodie vest is an easy extra layer with jean shorts and a singlet. But as the … [Read more...]

Army Greens!

Brrrr!! Perth was chilled out today… literally! Leather jacket time!! This army green, Arabella Ramsay, leather jacket is baby soft, tartan lined and always feels ‘special’ to wear! 'Puss In Boots', Italian made, pony hair, block heeled booties. Animal prints work well with army greens!! Manning Cartell, wool crepe jodhpurs … [Read more...]


It’s official! Electric blue & orange are both striking colours that work well together. In between the sunshine, clouds and rain, I managed a relaxing wander up to our local shops to pick up a few goodies. It’s hard to believe it’s so warm and I’m still in my ripped Guess shorts… I love to ‘dress … [Read more...]


Styling at Myer Perth city is a complimentary service!! It’s hard to believe there are no hidden catches….but it is actually free. It’s as simple as ringing Myer and booking a time, when you’re in need of some retail therapy. Debra above, does just that. She’s been a regular client of mine for three years. She books … [Read more...]

Double Double Styling

John (above) and his wife Dianna (below), had a dressy affair to attend. They tagged each other for a styling session. John came in first, then Di followed. John wanted a pure wool suit and after trying a few different cuts and brands, settled on this new, Dom Bagnato steel blue/grey suit. It’s a modern tapered fit. An edgy, spotty tie was … [Read more...]

A Carefree Gypsy Kinda Day

It’s true that clothes can affect your mood. This carefree outfit made me feel upbeat and happy all day. The terracotta ‘gypsy’ skirt is made by sass & bide. It’s actually designed to be a jacket, but with a bit of playing it doubles as a skirt. It’s a silk/cotton mix and a bit too see thru, so the Arabella Ramsay … [Read more...]