Sun Drenched

Kings Park was drenched in Winter sunshine today. The grass was glistening and streams were bubbling. We were the only ones around. Paradise….

Son No 3 is following in his Big Bro’s footsteps. He’s taken up photography as a hobby. This is his very first shoot. 

Ponte pants are not leggings. They’re thick, stretchy, comfy pants that are great for walking. However, they’re VERY figure hugging! A long-line jacket or tail shirt is essential for ‘butt’ coverage. This muddy brown, wool jacket is an old Country Road fave. The Manning Cartell shirt, also comes in purple and black and is one of the best long shirts around. Knee-hi boots are by ‘Nude’. The orange ‘n black hippi scarf adds colour fun, to a fairly subdued AndAndrea outfit!!

Getting a bit chilly… must be time to go.

Love you Ry xx

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