Summer Scarf Passion

Ever thought of keeping a soft, cotton voile, summer scarf in your handbag? They add groove and individuality to an otherwise plain outfit and have endless uses. As they’re lightweight, they can be tucked away into a side zipper pocket, for that ‘just incase moment’. Handy for added sun protection, fab for plane travel and perfect to use as a stylish ‘wrap’ substitute in place of a cardi or jacket on a cool Summer’s evening.

Many clients say they love scarves …on other people, but dont know how to wear them themselves! This pompom scarf is a 1m x 1m square and is folded in half to create a triangle. Its slung over the shoulders ‘anyoldhow’ to create that effortless look! The tip is to pay a bit more for a good quality scarf. A cheaper, stiff scarf will be heavy and wont drape properly. This Jigsaw scarf was purchased at Myer. Check out the Sportscraft and David Lawrence scarf range at Myer. Bracelets by Joy, necklace by Country Road and manstyle watch by Tag.

‘Parisian Chic’ wore a plain black sunfrock for cuppatime. She made her outfit POP by throwing her Summer scarf over one shoulder and draping it down her back.

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