Stop and Stare

An ALL black outfit, is rare for me these days…but sometimes I’m in a screaming hurry and it’s a quick fix when dressing in a jiffy!

Spot the geek! Oversized glasses are a FUN face statement. Spied these on the streets in Bali and had prescription lenses put in.

This A-Line Nicola Finetti jacket is versatile. It doubles as a long-line top when zipped up. The man-style, pin-striped Polo shirt (just a little borrow from my husband’s wardrobe!), breaks up the black (the neck pin is HIS too!!) It’s all about sharing! Manning Cartell thick ponte pants are comfy and the skinny, tapered leg offsets the wide A-Line jacket… its back to Winter just for the moment. Tip: Wear a small pouch around your neck as an oversized accessory, such as this studded Mimco baby.

Time to add colour to this post! Seduce, I Dream of Genie pants (L) are flamboyant and FUNNNN! Worth a try??? Oh and…scrunch them up, AndAndreastyle! The Bardot florals (Bottom R) are a dressier, more fitted look and the Miss Shop plain gelati skinnies (Top R) are a fresh, fun shot of Spring.

Three cheers for bralets!! Finally an alternative to a strapless bra or bandeau! Young, gorgeous things will wear these in Summer as… tops. But the rest of us can wear them under sheer tops or backless tops, as they look fab showing thru! Available in the Miss Shop and all approximately $29.95.

Happy feet by Juicy Couture, Dianna Ferrari and Piper. Myer Shoe Lounge.

Voila! Your Spring combo from top to toe! All available at Myer.

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