Speed Dressing

Dressing in a jiffy is a breeze when you have a good pair of white linen shorts to rely on – they simply go with everything. A last minute decision to have a lazy Hillarys Marina brunch meant speed dressing was essential!


Baggy Country Road linen shorts above, are teamed with a Pilgrim lace singlet. The effect of the lace is lost with a black singlet underneath. So instead, an orange bandeau adds colour and accentuates the lace detail. But, it is too revealing to wear alone! The over-shirt, by Country Road, is tied at the front and covers most of the mid-rift. As an added bonus it pulls the singlet in, creating a lacey scalloped edge. Black ‘lace-look’ beads from Bali. Fluoro yellow Miss Shop belt adds colour.

Favourite Witchery, leather cut-out, drawstring duffle, also has a lace look.

Resistance useless. Berry Velvet cupcakes a Hillarys treat!

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