Sour Stripes

Sour lime and bold stripes shout out ‘Look at me’. You cant miss these neon pants!! This upbeat outfit was just the answer for a dull winter’s day.

Pattern mixing with Miss Shop leopard loafers and an over-sized sass & bide striped silk top, is a fun way to clash prints and patterns. Tip: Neons and bold brights, such as these sass & bide skinnies, work well with B&W stripes or spots. Metallic nails by O.P.I Nail Laquer and an assortment of leather cuffs, mixed with silver and black bangles, create arm detail. Satchel by Calvin Klein, jacket by Nicola Finetti and chain-mail necklet, a Country Road fave. Here’s an AndAndrea challenge for you: Hunt thru your cupboard today and give bold brights or neons a go – even if it’s just a scarf! I absolutely guarantee you’ll feel an upbeat inner vibe all day long….you know that smiling on the inside feeling! 

‘Top4’ accessories picks from the Miss Shop. The necklets are all priced between $10-$15 and would make any outfit pop. This season’s ‘Must have’ rose gold/black back or rose gold/natural back, armour belts are a steal at $29.95.

New label ‘Friends of Couture’ has a vintagey feel to it. Its cute little cardis, sweats and sweetheart party dresses have been a big hit in the Myer Basement. Berets, mittens, bobby socks and coloured tights go hand in hand with this look. 

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Ta Ta  aa xx

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