Sock Candy

I’ve discovered that many women suffer from ‘Head chatter’, you know that busy, busy head stuff!! Walking is the answer for both a clear head and improved fitness. If you’re not a serious athlete like me, then wear a combination of street/sportswear. This seasons colour trend easily adapts to sports clothes as well. Woohoo!! Bring out the bright, wild, clashing colours onto the walking track or in the gym and put those black shorts to rest! I am wearing my much loved, old trusty sneakers, orange-pop sock candy, grey ‘asana’ walk shorts, fluoro singlet layered with white singlet and electric blue hoodie. 

Have some sock fun and toss out the white socks. These little $3 gems by Russell Athletic are called “Sock Candy” and are available in aqua and pink as well. They add a bit of fun to every outfit.

Before walking I always protect my lips with my little ‘Pot of Gold’, Carmex. This old-fashioned ointment stops lips cracking in the sun or wind. Soleo sunsceen is organic, hypoallergenic and made in W.A. It has no harmful nasties and actually works. Both products are available at Friendlies Chemists.

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