Simply Stunning

What do you do on a simply stunning Autumn day? Why….nip down to the beach for some mind, body and soul rejuvination! Mmmmm….smell the roses!!!

Soaking up this glorious May sunshine at City Beach. I’m wearing sass & bide pink skinnies, Manning Cartell striped racer and my ‘new’ RM Wiliiams denim jacket. Well, it’s new to me, but discarded by someone else!! Tip: Get out your old denim jacket hidden in the back cupboard and give it a makeover. Be creative! Distress it with sand-paper. Add some rips or fray the edges. Do DIY studs or cut a grey hood off an old hoodie and sew it onto the collar….or just wear it any old way. Denim jackets go with everything.

Tiger ‘golf’ shoes by Asics are an alternative to sandshoes. Studded leather belt and fuschia Dangerfield leatherbag, from Myer Miss Shop, complete my outfit.  

Above: Myer Miss Shop, casual ‘All About Eve’ faded jacket with removeable hood. Below: DIY studded denim jacket. Studs available from craft and bead shops.

Denim jackets are so versatile. They suit everyone….even my darling Indi!!

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aa xx

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