Say It Loud!

You cant help but notice loud and colourful clothes. They really do attract the eye!

My ‘ringmaster’ inspired outfit, certainly attracted some smiles. Better to create interest than not! It’s actually a loose fitting, cotton ‘overcoat’ from India. It was hanging on a ‘fancy dress’ rack at a Red Cross store. The vibrant orange/mustard colours and long-line, caught my eye. Underneath, the holey, cotton, Stussy jumper adds textural interest. It had an awkward, high, turtle neck which put me off wearing it. So, I chopped it off! The raw edged, ‘boat’ neck can now be slung off one shoulder. Rolled, white, Lee jeans always look fresh. Piles of accessories create mmmmn….a modern meets ethnic style!


Over the past four days, the Designer pad at Myer has been shoulder to shoulder, CRAZY! It’s been the ‘go to’ destination for hot fashion buys in Perth. All of the clothes have been 30-50% off. Savvy shoppers have been snapping up Ellery, Morrison, Karen Walker, Costarella and Manning Cartell clothes at bargain prices. Gorgeous Tash, above, is a big fan of Manning Cartell. Their cropped, rich purple pants teamed with holey, neon jumper above, represents loud confident dressing at its best! Add orange lips and gold loafers…nice!

Tash dresses up the same purple pants, this time with Manning Cartell cream ‘tail’ shirt and floral smudged jacket. Add killer heels and she’s set to go! Tip: Hot trend, the ‘tail’ on any shirt or top.

What’ new at Myer? Above, MAC ‘Fashion Sets’. A nifty little trio of nails, lipstick and matching gloss in the season’s hot shades. Great gift idea! Below, ck one, a new make up range from Calvin Klein. Try the natural cream eye shadow (in the bronze tube). It’s my latest love!! Tip: In need of some new make up? Simply call MAC or ck one and book a ‘mini make over’ (on a Friday, so you’re ready to go out!). It’s free when you purchase two or more products. So wait until you need say… a foundation, blush and lippy, and pamper yourself with a makeover and lesson, all in one. It’s a lovely treat that you deserve. 

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aa xx

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