Parisian Chic

You dont have to be born in Paris to have Parisian style. Parisian style is a state of mind.

I have a very special friend who ‘gets’ me! So much so, she bought me a copy of Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange – pure pleasure! Its a little, easy read book packed full of style tips, child-like drawings and anecdotes. Go hunt it down on your next bookshop visit – it will inspire you & encourage confident style.


A casual sunset drink and tapas at a beachside cafe in Scarborough was a lovely way to wind down after a hectic week. Here I am wearing my shredded & torn ‘boyfriend style’ camilla & marc jeans. I have scrunched them to the knee and backed all the holes with old spare denim patches to make them more age appropriate. This quirky ‘spots and stripes’ top is sass & bide & matched my casual-fun mood! Bonds fluoro under singlet.

New found love – low wedges. These dove grey suede wedges are by Django & Juliette and are bliss for feet. They give added height but you can actually walk all day without a problem. Keep shoe spray protector on hand in bathroom ensuite to ensure shoes stay in good condition & pop “Party Feet” gel patches inside to add cushioning & to stop toes from pushing forward.

Lots of my clients want to achieve effortless style. They see others at cafes or shops and wonder how they made their outfit look so casually cool. It doesnt happen magically, it does require effort, but its definitely worth it. Here’s a snapshot of my Parisian Chic book showing its easy to read bullet point format. 

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