“Wow, I’d love to,” was the reply when I asked Carleen if I could feature her in a Style Profile. We’ve been friends for over 20 years & I’ve always admired her bold style, fashion flair and her ‘have fun with fashion’ attitude. Carleen runs OshPosh. It’s her own, very popular hair salon, in Station St, Cottesloe. I thought it was the perfect place to take a few snaps of her. She embraces her curves (like Nigella) and shows them off…hooray! Instead of hiding them under floaty, floaty tops, which are comfy, but can actually add ‘volume’. No matter what Carleen wears, she nails it, every single time. Reason being? It’s simple…. she wears her clothes with oodles of happy confidence. Oh and she adds amazing accessories too!!

In the two photos above, Carleen is wearing the same, fine weave, cotton top, by designer M.A.Julius. That’s clever… it can be worn two ways. Gotta love that versatility. I adored her Zenska necklace. It’s made in W.A. by jewellery designer, Sami Renouf. The loose fit, drop crotch silk pants are Carleen’s faves, due to the ‘dare to wear’ thrill factor, plus they’re super comfy. The ‘Mary Poppins’ style, lace-up brogues are by Marsell. Carleen’s latest love, her gorgeous tasselled, Gucci bag completes her fabulous outfit.

With our Style Profile done, we headed to Vans for a coffeechat. On the way though, a little ‘Helen Swift’ window shopping distracted us both. Suddenly, we were drooling over some very special bags and some fabulously ‘wicked’ sunnies!!

Vans specialty…home made Blueberry-Bran muffins. Carleen, you’re a sheer fashion delight.

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aa xx

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