Orange Obsession

Steps upon steps lead down to the ‘Naked Fig’ in Swanbourne. It’s a lovely, breezy, beachside eatery – the perfect opportunity to wear a casual, cafe-style outfit. It seems I have an ‘orange obsession’ going on at the moment…dont know why but its fun anyway!


When five girlfriends get together, there’s always chatter and coffee, laughter and cake. Here I’m sharing a story about how I found this silky, ‘high-collar’ top in a little church op shop in Singapore. My good friend Val is Singaporean and shares my op shopping passion. She has secret little places that only those ‘in the know’ know about! Places where ex-pats offload their designer gear before heading home. She led me to a church (just off Orchard Rd) that opens twice a week as an op shop. It was bulging at the seams with fabulous buys. This top was only $3. I wore a halter neck underneath, as it’s a bit breezy under the arms. The beads add ‘pattern’ against the blank cream canvas. A belt seemed a bit boring today, so I used an ‘aztec’ orange scarf instead. The ‘boyfriend’ style jeans are old camilla and marc. I scrunched them up to the knee and slouched them down.

The scarf is triangular in shape. It’s threaded thru the belt loops on one side only. It’s then wrapped loosely around the hips and tied in a bow at the front. 

Style Stalked – Prada Skull pouch!! I couldn’t take my eyes off this little number. Love the double lip piercings and studs..attitude! A pouch makes a smart change from the everyday big handbag. Its small size limits you to only taking the bare essentials. 

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