As a young student studying in Mt Lawley, I used to fossick around fabulous vintage shops in Beaufort St Highgate. Skenders being my favourite. I always found it fascinating, the things you would find. Skenders is sadly long gone but these days I am still an Opping (Op shopping) enthusiast and travel far and wide to my fave St Vinnies or Anglicare stores. They have maintained their old-world charm, darling volunteers and have not gone too commercial or “shop-like”. I will always remember the day I was offered a “cuppa & a TimTam” by one of the sweet ladies as it was her morning teatime! I stick to very strict guidelines. Firstly it has to be unusual, old fabric, handmade or silk. Secondly is it a bargain? My three latest finds this week, all fit within the rules. The old felt hat was made in the UK $3.50, brand new mens Zara shirt $1 (Managers special) and handmade retro top $3.00. Total $7.50 Happy Happy! See below the different looks I created with my top.

OrangeSpotTop dressed UP with feather capelet and silk shorts.

OrangeSpotTop teamed with vintage polka dot cardi and vintage snakeskin belt.

OrangeSpotTop dressed DOWN with tatty Tommy Hilfiger skirt, natural leather belt and Anglicare $4 sandals from a previous Opping day. Easy. 

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