Opping 101

Cheap and Cheerful… 
The sea of clothes above, is at the Vinnie’s Depot in Osborne Park. It’s tucked away down a side street and many people don’t even know it exists. ALL donations are delivered to this enormous barn like shed, for sorting. The best items are then sent to the Vinnie’s Op shops and the ‘seconds’ remain here. Be warned, there’s no frills or fancy displays, but there are some treasures to be had! It really is a haven for the seasoned opper who is up for the challenge, has loads of patience and an open mind. Tip: Cheap fancy dress clothes galore.

Middle of the Road…
Red Cross and Anglicare are the BEST! They’re clean, neat, well run Op shops and they’re my favourite choice for opping. They dont have the slick new shop feel. Volunteers create clever little displays and the bargains are jaw-dropping. The Lisa Ho silk dress above is $20, Bally shoes above $7 – the list is endless. Tip: grab a shopping basket as you enter and collect little gems as you wander. Then be RUTHLESS! When trying on, cull anything ordinary. It’s tempting at first to buy this and that because it’s only $2, but you end up with a load of junk!

Up-market Opping…
There are two Vinnie’s Retro stores in WA. One in Northbridge, the other in Fremantle. They’re both well worth a visit. As you enter, ‘Wow’, a riot of colour from ceiling to floor blows you away! The displays of groovy gear have sentimental appeal. Think Sonny and Cher or The Partridge Family – you”ll find all sorts of one off gems at these trendy little shops (see $50 real mink hatlet above). Tip: Prices are much dearer than middle of the road opping, but are still far cheaper than 2nd hand stores. Happy Opping!!

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