On Cue

We are celebrating all things Cue at Myer this week. The iconic Australian owned brand has launched its Spring 2012 Collection. On Thursday and Friday at 1pm this week, I’m conducting Cue workshops in-store at Myer Perth city. Here’s a sneaky peek! (I’m in lime tux heaven below!)

Dafny (above L), heads the Visual Merchandising team for Cue W.A. She was on hand to discuss Cue’s displays and current trends. Daria (above R), also shared her Cue knowledge with the crowd.

As always, we use gorgeous AndAndrea Unmodels (Cue staff), such as Shanay above for the parade. She’s modelling a cute ‘peachy pie’ skirt, polka dot shirt and cropped tux jacket. Sinead from make-up house ck one, also joined in the workshop fun with tips, a mini makeover and free sample giveaways. Hope you can pop into Myer on Friday at 1pm to join in the workshop fun.

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