It was a nostalgic trip back in-time to Guildford Village. A happy catch-up with special school friends and a scrumptious farmstyle brekky at the Guildford Tearooms. The James Street strip, full of old world charm, draws me in like a magnet.

Powder Puff stools in rainbow colours… adorable!!

Wrought iron, two-seater and fashion mags on James St. Double love!

Wandering thru ‘Oriental Origins’ on James feels like Bali. It’s jam packed full of buddhas, birdcages and colourful lampshades. Right next door is a trio of fascinating Australiana shops full of turn of the century memorabilia! 

Did you ever own a skort, back in the day? It’s a short/skirt combo. This stripy sass & bide skort can be worn in so many ways… above, it’s back to front! I’ve hitched it up to reveal the shorts underneath. The shakuhachi black singlet, has a long rear tail, for extra coverage. Handmade feather necklet from ‘E-Cafe & Gift Shop’ in City Beach, shades by Karen Walker. Tip: Try clothes reversal. It’s an easy way to create a different look.

Top left, in a previous shot, the skort is reversed and worn as shorts over my bathers. Bottom, note long tail of black tee-shirt.

Hope you’ll take a nostalgic trip back in time and experience the old world charm of Guildford. Might see you there!

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