Mix It Up

Some places draw you back like a magnet. This cafe above, has won me over, hook, line and sinker! Can you guess where I am….again? I mixed up the Ellery white tee and faded camilla & marc jeans (above), with various black and white plain and patterned accessories. Accessories individualize the outfit. It’s a simple easy trick. Zigzag zebra belt, pompom checkered scarf, black Country Road bag and black vintage shades. Below, black & white stripey cardi all attract the eye.

Carleen from my recent OshPosh post, is also a fan of this place and we all ended up there for a brekky fiesta. She wears the dropped crotch pants so well! Using khaki as the base colour for her singlet and pants, she then layered a cream vest on top. Effortless casual, cafe style….takes a bit a playing but worth it in the end.  Tip: use one colour as a base as it elongates the body.

PS Did you guess?…we’re at Casa Bianchis! 

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