Mannish Pizzazz

I often use a black silhouette as a base, if I am in a rushing hurry to get to work. It’s easy then to throw on a scarf of any colour, to change the look of the outfit. This over-sized, cotton voile scarf is on sale at Perri Cutten Myer. Scarves can be hung loosely or draped over one shoulder…easy. Gold and animal prints equal love. Hence gold cuff, belt, bangles and chain. 

It can be very easy to over-look accessories and detail for guys. It’s the little things that ‘finish’ off an outfit ….and women really do notice! Cuff-links and tie-pins are great statement pieces. Look for, collect and keep bold links. The Greek coin-cuffs above are a family treasure.

If wearing a traditional white shirt to work, tie pizzazz is a must. Skinny ties are for nightclubs and fat ties are banished. Polka dots, bold colours and medium width ties (as above) all make a boring shirt pop! Add a tie-pin and statement belt buckle as well. This slim-fit Domingo shirt, is by Dom Bagnato and is exclusive to Myer.

A casual shirt needs interest and Politix at Myer, do it so well. Note the contrast cuff, pocket binding and navy front seam detail. Politix shirts go up to XXXL. Often guys need to go up a size for slim-fit! 

Feet to the fore – they’re oh so important! Guys can’t go wrong with any style of moccasin. These Italian leather moccasins are casually cool and look great with rolled jeans, chinos and shorts.

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