Let The Sun Shine In

Lisa Fernandez from 92.9’s Lisa, Paul and Baz’s Morning Show, popped into Myer for a styling session today! She’s a bubbly, dynamo and has a ‘sunshine’ personality. Our session was a hoot! From the outset she confessed that shopping and clothes were ‘not her thing’…but as you’ll see from the photos she had a ball. The dress above, a Kate Sylvester, was my pick for her upcoming kids, Telethon photo shoot. For me, the vibrant yellow colour matched her fun personality.

Woo Hoo! Lisa is petite and well proportioned, so she was a breeze to style. We wanted to play around with a few different looks and this combo had the ‘wow’ factor. Kate Moss has been trending these jeans and I think Lisa rocked them too. The leopard spot skinnies and high-necked silk top are both from sass & bide. It’s the perfect “Lets go for a drink” outfit. Lisa’s own canvas, nude wedges, complimented every single outfit ….great investment!

Aqua and fair hair are a match made in heaven and Lisa loved this Cooper St shift.  The one shoulder, kaftan arm look is perfect for poolside drinks during Perth’s hot summer… or … Bali dreaming. All that’s missing is the frangipani behind the ear and mahito in hand!

Shakin all over!! Things were heating up and the room messing up, as it does during ALL good styling sessions! Lisa squeezed into these sass and bide skinnies (they have to be purchased spray on tight as they s-t-r-e-t-c-h!) The electric blue Pilgrim tassel top was instant love! 

Styling success at Myer.

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