Always excited about a quirky fashion style, a K-Pop 21st party was sure to guarantee fashion fun!! Slight problem though, no-one I knew had heard of K-Pop!

K-Pop stands for Korean Pop!?! According to a ‘Rolling Stone’ author, K-Pop is a mixture of trendy Western music and high energy Japanese pop. Googling left me totally bamboozled, as every K-Pop clip, showcased a totally different fashion style. Turns out, anything goes! Think pandas, kitty girls, bears, lollipops, polka dots, stripey socks, cutie-pie skirts, bear back-packs, bow-ties, fluoro and any ridiculously zany outfit… that’s K-Pop! Birthday panda Luke, (above) being an exhuberant individual, loves Korean Pop music and knew the theme would allow people to let their hair down and dress for a fun-time.

Got the idea?

Panda cakes, fortune cookies and lollies galore, were washed down with champers, sushi and satay sticks.

Every-one got into the spirit and even a K-Pop flash dance was performed for Birthday boy Luke. It was a true celebration of family, friendship, fun-times and an outpouring of love and admiration for Luke.

Happy Birthday Luke….a fabulous party we will all remember!!

aa xx

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