Hyperluxe Workshop

Set Up Ready!! Hyperluxe Lifestyle Store in North Beach… prepped & ready for my AndAndrea Activewear/Lifestyle Workshop!!

Sophie from ‘BlissFully Raw’ supplied the yummiest healthy Vegan Treats and Tropico whizzed up delish Acai Smoothies!

The store was buzzing, guests arriving & time for a quick chat & snap with Rayne & Jenny before the Workshop!!Gorgeous guests, such as Dafny, at Hyperluxe before the Workshop! StyleChat time with Jenny from Hyperluxe! We chatted all things AthLeisure and more! A highlight of the night was the fabulous UnModels who all wore an AthLeisure outfit & strutted their stuff!!After the Workshop it was a Shopping frenzy!! The Hyperluxe girls were run off their feet!! 

Workshop done! Shopping done! Time to farewell the guests and give out the BEST goodie bags ever!!

Awesome night!!
Thanks to everyone who came and supported Hyperluxe!!

** Hyperluxe is located next door to Tropico on Flora Terrace North Beach. It stocks a fabulous range of ActiveWear labels… such as 2XU Stussy Pilot Varley and Huntr plus LeisureWear such as MLM BrandE RueStiic Empire Rose Superga Converse and more. If you cant make it instore, then visit Hyperluxe online at hyperluxeactivewear.com.au

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