Gift of Love

Giving time is a true gift of love. When it comes to special occasion days, I’ve always cherished handmade cards and tried to teach my children simple, thoughtful gifts are by far the best.

On Mother’s Day, last Sunday, Son No. 1 gave me such a beautiful gift …it made my heart sing! Firstly, he gave my blog a surprise, mini-makeover. Secondly, he gave me 3 photo shoots, using his REAL whizz bang camera, instead of my trusty iPhone. Better still, I get an extra gift of special time just with him. The results of the first photo shoot are below. Hope you like….

Walking down to catch the train. I’m wearing an ‘NF’ by Nicola Finetti white jacket…

Zara waxed jeans….

…and thrifted, gelati, silk top with matching cardigan from the $2 ‘Plus size’ Vinnies rack…

…Shakuhachi lace-up boots and Karen Walker shades.

Home-time… feeling full of warm, fuzzy, happiness inside.

Love you beautiful Beau xx

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