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If you have your ‘L’ plates on and are new to neon, then play safe. Tone it down with a dash of nude or neutral nougat.

The sass & bide drapey, silk jacket is a neutral, nude shade and dulls down the melon shot! Tip: Tuck the singlet in on one side, to create a drape or point of interest. Oi!! Spy the guy (above) in the fluoro work vest! He’s signed up! 

Nude Juliette & Django wedges, nude Karen Walker bunny shades, nude Mimco pouch and nude jacket, all tone the Shakuhachi melon singlet down. Purple wedges, and a fluoro pink bag would really add punch!

WOW! Neon is very much a fashion fad and will definitely be gone in a flash! So, it’s worth having some fun RIGHT NOW… no matter what your age!! If you’re already a neon recruit, such as these three gals, you’ll love the outfits above. Em (L) is wearing an acid Zhivago creation, a Dion Lee model (M) is rocking a nude and melon tunic and Keely (R) from sass & bide, shines in a coral cropped jacket.

If you’re not a big fan, then add a tiny touch. Here are some ideas above… I’m sure you’ll get creative and have so much fun, you’ll eventually GET HOOKED on neon!

P.S. Save the date and bring a friend to the annual Myer VIP Nite:

This Friday Sept. 21st, at 6pm, Myer Perth City is hosting a Designer nite. Come and meet Aurelio Costarella, Kylie Radford from Morrison, Wayne Cooper and model Chris Smith. There will be bargains, bubbles, nibbles, models and more instore.  Twitter: @AndAndreaStyle

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