Garth Cook’s Collection Brings The Sexy Back!

Much admired W.A. designer Garth Cook, launched his stunning Spring/Summer 2013-14 collection at the Promenade, Bishop’s See, on Tuesday night.

The outdoor runway was set in readiness (top). The stylish,VIP crowd seated (above). A buzz filled the air as Lara Bingle and entourage arrived and were seated. Showtime! 

Garth Cook’s collection brought the sexy back! Inspired by the fantasy of Las Vegas, thirty models created a fan-fare show!

Chadwick models paraded in sexy melon, mauve and ice-blue minis. Strappy, trapeze dresses were layered with flimsy, silk camis to create a soft, feminine, yet sexy look. To add clash, bold faux-croc hot-pants and cropped capris were a highlight.

Photo above, courtesy of Matthew Tompsett.

Above, the man of the moment, designer, Garth Cook, with special guest Lara Bingle and Event Producer, Jacqui Brown from Beautiful Events.

Decided on a ‘Bold & Edgy’ outfit for the evening! Why not!!!

Met up with special gal, Nancy McDonald from STM before the show.

The Alexander McQueen tunic came with fluoro safety pins included! The Dangerfield mini-skull pouch, Shakuhachi boots and sass&bide leather necklet complete the look. Bit of AndAndrea fun!

Celebration time. The After Party in full swing at the Terrace Hotel.

Cuddle time (Above L) Emma Milner and Brittney Mason. Sarah, Heidi and Ash from harry&Gretel (Top) and Stefan and Peggy Gosatti (Bottom).

Hair for the evening… slick ponytails with gold bobby-pin fans, hi-knots or low donut buns.

Show’s over… fab night had by all. Congrats to Garth for a fab collection and to Jacqui for setting the bar high! Special thanks to Nicole for as always being my fave blogtographer!

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