Garth Cook Presents MANIA!

Let’s step forward in time to Autumn/Winter 14 and preview WA Designer, Garth Cook’s ‘MANIA’ collection!

I had the pleasure of viewing Garth’s collection before it was packed up and sent to Sydney. Thought you’d all love a sneaky too!

The light, airy, industrial style space at Claremont Quarter was the perfect ‘pop-up’ setting to show off Garth’s collection.

Twenty white mannequins, were dressed in black and white. Supreme simplicity.

Garth explained that ‘Mania’ evolved from his fascination of eccentric ‘cat ladies’. Mix this with modernized Japanese dress and 80’s Sportswear. The end result being a sporty, chic cat lady! Hence the sports luxe trackys dotted with fur balls, above!

The complete collection consisted of black on black and white on white garments. Cinched in darting detailing being a feature. Meowwww!!

Garth spent 100’s of hours creating Mania. A true labour of love.

Garth pictured above with good friend, Fashion Illustrator Pip McManus said a key look for the up-coming season was mixing over-sized jumpers with tailored dresses. He used various fabrics and textures such as waterproof nylon, faux fur, patent snakeskin, polar fleece track suiting and cotton jersey.

Garth named this the ‘Andrea’ dress!! Will be looking forward to trying ‘Andrea’ on next year… maybe with tights and boots!!!

Now you see it… now you dont! The ladies are dismantled and ‘Mania’ is off on its way to Sydney!

Garth Cook’s current S/S 13 collection is stocked at Zara Bryson, ACO, Varga Girl, Parata, Periscope and Chateau Boutique. Definitely worth a look.

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