Double Double Styling

John (above) and his wife Dianna (below), had a dressy affair to attend. They tagged each other for a styling session. John came in first, then Di followed. John wanted a pure wool suit and after trying a few different cuts and brands, settled on this new, Dom Bagnato steel blue/grey suit. It’s a modern tapered fit. An edgy, spotty tie was chosen and then we worked on detail. Over-sized statement cuffs and a checked pocket ‘kerchief, completed the look.

Di felt ‘safe’ and comfy in this feminine, silk overlay dress. However, I urged her to step out of her ‘comfort zone’ and try a younger, fun, more modern look (below).

Di took my advice and chose this Charlie Brown fitted, kaftan style dress. It looks fab, skims the tummy area and highlights Di’s great legs. Tip: always look for versatility. This kaftan can be dressed up or down, so Di will wear it more often. The Jane Debster patent peep-toes, completed the night time look. A hot couple, now ready to go out!! Double styling done.

Time for a quick coffee at Bocellis before my next session. I’m wearing a sweet blue, silk, Arabella Ramsay, frilly dress from Myer. Love fashion contradiction, so I’ve added some not so sweet, punchy, fluoro accessories!! Now… let the afternoon double styling begin.

Good friends, Heather (above) and Tanya (below), often shop together at Myer. In between the laughter and chatter, they always end up with a few special pieces. It’s Heather’s turn today, as she’s going on a girls trip overseas. Easy wear, no iron, ‘drinkies outfits’ suitable for hot weather, were the order of the day. The comfy, Jane Lamerton, elastic pull-on pants above, can be worn with any top. All three Wayne Cooper tops above, disguised Heather’s tricky bits. Tanya, was really only browsing but couldn’t resist this Jane Lamerton animal print top (below).

Myer exclusive brands such as Basque, Piper and Jane Lamerton are 25% off until Sunday. Add another 10% off for Myer1 card holders (until Friday). It’s time to shop….do drop into Myer for a bargain or two!

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