Dare To Wear

It’s time for change… and today is the day! 

image Accept the AndAndrea challenge. DARE TO WEAR AND SMILE IF THEY STARE! After all… it’s better to be noticed than to blend.image

Have you got a little something in your wardrobe that you’ve not dared to wear yet? Go on! Get it out… Wear it today… No excuses. Wear it confidently, happily, proudly… it’s soooo much fun! Mix in some layers, add a pop of colour and you’ll be guaranteed of having a fabulosa day!


This Bali maxi always packs a punch! Its black and white stripes attract the eye and the pink/yellow combo adds a bit of pizzazz! The pink shades, bought at a market stall, caused a few sheepish smiles!


‘Re-styling’ an outfit is simple. Tip: Keep the base the same e.g. the maxi and change everything else… shoes, singlet, belt, necklet and sunnies. Easy! 


UnModel, Ilona above, proudly posed for the latest Karen Walker campaign, at New York’s 2013 Fashion Week. She’s full of the joys of Spring and is a fabulous 92 years young! Let’s embrace her sense of fashion fun and dare to wear… today!!

P.S. Today’s photos were taken by blogtographer, Henry, aged 90!

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