Citrus Twist

Another heavenly, sunshiny morning in Perth! Time to seize the moment, pull on the neons and head down to the beach for an early morning, weekend walk. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. My black and white leggings and hoodie were a bit ‘ho-hum’. For an instant energiser, I added the eye-catching lime Bonds singlet. It adds impact to an otherwise ordinary, black outfit. Orange cut-off socks, add a citrus twist. Tip: Ban ‘all black’ when exercising. Add citrus zing for an instant energy boost!

Sock Candy fun, means feet are not left out!!

After a 7km beach walk, surely it’s time for a healthy brekky treat! Boho cafe in Scarborough has a beachy, ‘down south’ feel. Its laid back vibe and consistently fab food and coffee, has the locals talking. The vegan breakfast is a winner and the homestyle cakes are served fresh out of the oven. Friendly owner Donny (above/right), is a passionate foodie. Ex-Melbourne barista David, makes a divine Ristretto coffee.

See what I mean…fresh out of the oven. Just as we were about to leave, these chicken and mushroom pies appeared. The missing one came home with us!! 

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aa xx

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