ChinChin at Chinta

Its always a treat to meet up with special friends and today I met my “Parisian Chic” friend …. you know… the one I spoke about several posts ago, who “gets” me! We stumbled upon a long established, but newly located, cafe come gift shop in Scarborough. I was impressed and got chatting to the owner Graham, who described Chinta as a cross between Melbourne and Bali – an instant winner with me!! Fab coffee, gifts and clothes but most importantly they have captured a magical feel. That instant “I like this place feel”. I wore my Bali “State of Georgia” fade out cotton maxi. The hemline is graduated – shorter at the front and longer at the back. Try piling on the beads to individualize your outfit. I popped an orange bandeau underneath to add colour. 

Always a standout and casually stylish my girlfriend wears …. Scanlan silk top, ‘maniamania’ feature cuff and ‘Dreams become Reality’ Sparitual nail paint (chemical free). Love it!

What a fab sunsense idea!! We often forget to protect our hands whilst driving and my friend showed off her latest find. These cool cut-off ‘Black Friday’ leather gloves were purchased in the basement of Myer’s Miss Shop Department. Top tip: use driving gloves all year round, not just winter.

One special little Chinta purchase before leaving….. set of three Cristiana bangles.

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