Chill Time

Chill time. Falcon Beach, Mandurah.

Heavenly holidays, means a family Easter feast at Mandurah. A late beach stroll topped off a beautiful day. Finally, there’s a chill in the air. I pulled on my Jane Lamerton stretch ponti pants and Shakuhachi cotton singlet, as a black base. A black silhouette is a ‘no-brainer’. It works especially well if you’re travelling. The singlet has a great butt disguise, as it’s much longer at the back! Tip: Cable knits are hot! The tan, cable cardi knit is an old favourite. It’s drapey and versatile, as it can be worn ‘upside down’ and ‘downside up’!! It’s pinned together with an antique, gold, bow brooch. Leopard scarf and leopard loafers add interest. Tassel pouch by Mimco.

Loafers or Day slippers have taken the place of ballet flats this season. The fab loafers above, are from the Myer Miss Shop. They’re not ‘suede’ but ‘suedette’. Usually I’m a fusspot about leather, but they’re a bargain at $49.95… and comfy too!

Go on….indulge….it’s Happy Eggtime xx

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