“Cafe Land”

The fabulous East Perth Boardwalk is a hidden cove of waterfront bars and cafes… and the locals keep it a well guarded secret. As you wander along this windy path, the stream takes you thru a tunnel that opens out into “Cafe Land”. A long, lazy Saturday brunch with close friends overlooking this beautiful canal, is the perfect way to relax after a hectic week.

Don’t you just love dressing ‘down’ on weekends? It’s always a great opportunity to pull out old clothes and re-invent them. It’s so satisfying creating new looks from old faves. These white, linen, Country Road shorts are about 5 years old and wash up like new. Yes, linen creases and many avoid it totally, but it’s up there with silk for me. The knit racer singlet creates an ‘all-in-one’ white silhouette that elongates the body length. The versatile, denim duo overshirt, is a sun-smart cover-up. For a different look, it can also be loosely tied around the neck or hips.

Our tropical weather of late has given Perth a ‘Bali’ feel. Jodi was inspired by my ‘Summer Scarf’ blog a few weeks back and pulled out her oversized Country Road scarf. She wore it as you would in Bali….as a sarong. Fab idea! I admired her effortlessly cool look. The pompom tassels and white striping, set this scarf apart from the rest.

Pure bliss!!!

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