Busting Out

This Arabella Ramsay silk dress was a Myer purchase last summer. To add spark and re-juvinate it for this season, I popped a lime Bonds singlet under and added an orange hipster belt. I also customised the dress, as it was extremely short at the front and had a very long ‘tail’ at the back. Out came the unpicker! I took one frill from the back and sewed it onto the front. Its still longer at the back which is good, but no longer revealingly short! Tip: We all come in different shapes and sizes – alter clothes to suit yourself – you will wear them more often.

A good fitting bra is VITAL. When shopping for clothes, work from the inside out. See a Bra Fitting specialist at Myer first before going on a shopping spree. My lovely client arrived today wearing this poor fitting bra. She was oozing out all over and needed a new bra before styling could begin.

Magic! what a difference. This is the sensational ‘Back Smoother’ in the Berlei Curves range and is available at Myer. Super comfy, very supportive, in various colours and up to size 24. Great price too at $69.95. Bye bye back-fat, hello smooth fitting T-shirts.

Now the clothes will fit properly and styling can begin.

Love confident dressing! This striking ‘Cooper St’ Aztec print dress was new in today and caught my eye. Tip: If its too short, sew black tassels, fringing or pom poms to the hem. 

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